• Hench juniors Deborah Bello and Julia Quiceno drawing while studying at SACI in Florence

  • Hench juniors Alissa, Meg, Norman, Knox, Josie, Rachel and Meg at SACI in Florence.

  • Hench juniors Alissa and Knox at SACI in Florence.

  • Hench juniors Alissa and Meg at SACI in Florence.

  • Hench juniors Knox and Natalie at SACI in Florence.

  • SACI Dean Davidson sitting in on class with instructor Brittany Biggs Hench-MFA alumna and DADA juniors Fall 2016

  • Emily Benfield, former Hench staff, visiting DADA students in class at SACI in Florence Fall 2016

  • Chair of Hench Division: Prof. Tom Sito visiting juniors at SACI in Florence in Animation Lab Fall 2016

  • Chair Prof. Tom Sito with Dean Davidson during visit to study abroad program at SACI, Florence Italy Fall 2016

  • Deborah Bello, Julia Quiceno and Yoojin Seol – DADA juniors in class at our SACI study abroad program

  • Samantha Vilfort and Miles Schlenker at SACI taking our 3D Animation class taught by Evan Harbuck

  • Miles Schlenker in a Painting class at SACI, Florence Italy

  • Visiting SACI Prof. Sheila M. Sofian at dinner with DADA juniors in Florence Italy with their instructor Evan Harbuck Fall 2015

  • Evan Harbuck DADA instructor teaching at SACI making homemade fresh pasta in Florence.

  • DADA students Yo-Yo Lin and Charles Mai in Brussels, Belgium

  • DADA students Yo-Yo Lin and Charles Mai in Brussels, Belgium

  • Alexis Jackson Hench-DADA junior participates in race in Florence to benefit breast cancer research in Italy, along with her roommate.

  • After end of semester screening of final 3D projects, Hench-DADA students pose with their instructor Matt Steidl.

  • DADA students Alexis Jackson, Paula Collins, Catherine Chooljian, Camille Kanengiser, Kayla Carlisle, Charles Mai, Yo-Yo Lin, Maria Raykova, Center 3D Animation instructor Matthew Steidl, SACI gallery after final animation screening

  • DADA student Kayla Carlisle in Venice, Italy

  • DADA student Charles Mai, Il Pizzaiuolo Ristorante

  • SACI students, apartment on Via San Gallo

  • DADA students Camille Kanengiser and Paula Collins, Cafe Ricasoli

  • DADA student Charles Mai, Il Duomo

  • Catherine Chooljian, Arno River

  • DADA juniors, Florence

  • DADA student Charles Mai, saying “Ciao Bella” out of Via Bufalini apartment

  • Charles Mai, on top of Torre Grosso in San Gimignano

  • Yo-Yo Lin, Florence

  • Maria Raykova, Pisa

  • Church in Lucca, Italy

  • Kayla Carlisle and Charles Mai, on a vaporetto in Venice, Italy

  • Kayla Carlisle, Charles Mai, Yo-Yo Lin, Burano Island in Venice, Italy

  • Yo-Yo Lin, at the Biennale art show in Venice, Italy

  • Yo-Yo Lin, Venice

  • Charles Mai, Multimedia final gallery show at La Corte Arte Contemporanea

  • SACI students, Fresco painting class

  • Trixy Sweetvittles, Hench-DADA faculty takes DADA students out to dinner in Florence during her visit to SACI.

  • DADA student in Florence

  • DADA student with fresco painting

  • DADA students in Florence

  • Kayee Au – junior DADA

  • Kayee Au

  • Tiffanie Mang – junior DADA and instructor Michael Fallik

  • View from apartment in center of Florence

  • Inside apartment in center of Florence

  • Inside apartment building in center of Florence

  • SACI backyard

    SACI backyard – @Kaitlyn Yang

  • View from the student's apartment

    View from the student’s apartment – @Kaitlyn Yang

  • Florence

    Florence – @Kaitlyn Yang

  • “Here is a picture of my way towards school during sunset- the streets are practically golden” – @Kayee Au

  • Cinqueterre @Kayee Au

Semester Abroad

John C. Hench International Program for Undergraduate Students

To live in Florence is to spend every day in an active and breathing museum. With a population of about 500,000, the city is large enough to always find something to do, yet small enough to discover one’s own personal Firenze.

As the birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence contains more great artworks per square foot than any other city in the world. The program is housed in the Palazzo dei Cartelloni, a 17th century landmark in the historical center of the city. This location places students in the vicinity of the Duomo, the churches of San Lorenzo and Santa Maria Novella, and is just steps away from the central market and the new Alinari photography museum.

John C. Hench Animation and Digital Arts offers a fall semester abroad at Studio Arts College International (SACI) in Florence, Italy. B.A. students will be required to take equivalent classes in animation and digital media while also benefiting from the wide range of liberal arts courses offered at SACI.

Visit the USC Overseas Program Office website for more info: http://dornsife.usc.edu/florence-saci.

Student’s Blogs