Hench-DADA Visiting Artist/Scholar Program

Artists and Scholars are invited to apply for the visiting artist/scholar program at the John C. Hench Division of Animation & Digital Arts, School of Cinematic Arts, USC. The division will provide access to university libraries, research centers and Hench-DADA facilities under a J1 visa category. The artists/scholar will be given a cubicle space in the faculty/staff area and will be required to present their research or artistic work once a semester to the Hench-DADA and SCA community. The artist/scholar is also invited to attend the weekly Animation and Digital Arts seminar with the student and faculty body. Regular attendance to any additional classes may incur a fee and needs to be discussed with the Chair. The residency is not funded and artists/scholars are expected to provide their own health insurance, living funds and travel arrangements as well as an administrative fee to cover the J1 visa application. A master class proposal may be considered and would provide an adjunct teaching stipend for one semester but this is dependent on yearly budget and student interest. Regardless it is highly recommended that the applicant has their own funding. Artists and Scholars are responsible for finding their own accommodation in Los Angeles. See recommended link. Applications are considered 1-2 years in advance and need to consist of an outline or statement of plans, curriculum vitae, and online link to creative and academic work (website, Youtube or Vimeo). Please send applications to this address: visitingscholar@cinema.usc.edu We are now accepting applications for Fall 2020.