• Alicja Jasina, DADA-MFA TBS Tokyo Intern Summer 2015

  • Alicja with Zheng Kang, other DADA TBS intern Summer 2015

  • Alicja and Kang at dinner with TBS colleagues summer 2015

  • Simón Wilches Castro and Simo Liu in the Tokyo Broadcasting System news studio

  • DADA’s Simo Liu and Jun Morita, Art Director of ICAMP at TBS

  • Simón Wilches Castro and Simo Liu enjoying a traditional Japanese meal

  • Simón Wilches Castro working on a music video for TBS

  • Simo Liu working on a music video at TBS

  • Simón Wilches Castro and Simo Liu at TBS offices in Tokyo

  • Images by Simón Wilches Castro and Simo Liu

Tokyo Internship

For some 15 years now, TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System) has been offering DADA students an exclusive internship at their headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.

Typically, two selected students spend six to eight weeks working directly with TBS creative professionals producing original projects that have included live productions, cell phone animation, animation for a public digital stairway in Tokyo, and projects that screen on Japanese television.

Professor Richard Weinberg is in charge of the TBS internship at the USC side, and says:

“The USC-TBS internship offers our students a unique opportunity to collaborate with seasoned professionals at one of Japan’s largest and most prestigious television broadcasters, and to produce a portfolio piece while experiencing the ultramodern -and ancient- culture of this phenomenal city and country.”