Panel and Micro-Talk Schedule



SCA 108 Session 1A - Creating Worlds: Augmented Reality Moderator: Steve Anderson

Redefining the Animated Landscape

Chris Pallant

Pushing the Background to the Front

Tunde Vollenbroek

The Visual Qualities of Impossible Spaces

Jane Shadbolt

The Reflection of Loneliness: Augmented Reality

M. Javad Khajavi

SCA 112 Session 1B - Animation for Games and Embodied Performance Moderator: Sheila Sofian

Click for Cartoons: The Video Game as Exhibition Space for Animation

Mihaela Mihailova

Close encounters of the animated kind-Alien Character Design

Lisa Bode

The Evocation and Expression of Emotion through Documentary Animation

Sophie Mobbs

Paratexts and participation: the off-screen world of dirtgirlworld

Paul Ward

SCA 110 Session 1C - Historical Devices in Contemporary Animation Moderator: Richard Weinberg

The philosophy of a ‘gadgeteer’:John Whitney’s early computer animation as media archaeology

Richard Stamp

Remediated Optical Toys and the Animated GIF

Steisha Pintado

Bicycles, Video and Mobility in Modern Optical Toys

Trixy Sweetvittles

An Animated Space: Personal Expression in Mobile Communication

Anna Madeleine


SCA 108 Session 2A - Animation Within Social Movements Moderator: Sheila Sofian

Animation on the Move: Animated Journalism and Global Reporting

Susan Danta

Animation as Political Radicalism: Black Animators in the Field

Caress Reeves

SCA 112 Session 2B - Death, Time, and Animation Moderator: Jim Boyda

Animating the Historical Trace: Contemporary Experimental Animation

Jaime Baron

Re-Animating Moths

Alison Loader

Animating time, consciousness, and death: comparing Jordan Belson’s films and Michèle Lemieux

Erin Shea

SCA 110 Session 2C - Framing Concepts through Character Moderator: Michael Renov

Tim Hittle/Jay Clay: One Person Making Artwork as Authentically as Possible

Michael Frierson

Simple and Effective: Breaking the Mold for CG Characters

Dan Wilson

The Things Cartoons Can Do: Toward A History of Instrumental Animation

Amber Bowyer


SCA 108 Session 3A - Large Scale Architectural Animation Moderator: Marsha Kinder

The Metamorphosis of Place

Dan Torre

Poetics & Public Projection: Layered History – Redrawn Memory

Rose Bond

New Frontiers In Visual Music

Mike Patterson

Stylistic dissonance as a narrative tool in mixed media animation

John-Michael Kirkconnell

SCA 112 Session 3B - Virtual Reality/Visualizing Science Moderator: Christine Panushka

Quantifying and Visualizing Animators’ Styles of Motion

Ruth Hayes

Post-Digital: Innovation in Imaging and Visualization

Eric Hanson

Real-Time Animation and Data Visualization

Nea Ehrlich

TweetMe interactive forest

Tanya Marriott

SCA 110 Session 3C - Animation Infiltration of Other Artforms I Moderator: Virginia Kuhn

Mass-Production and High Art: Disney and the Courvoisier Gallery c. 1940

Susan Ohmer

Animating the Future: Collaboration and Storytelling

Tom Klein

Adaptation of Literature for Animation in a Transcultural Context

Hannes Rall


SCA 108 Session 4A - Stereoscopy and Perception Moderator: Candace Reckinger

Speculative Spaces: The Animated Worlds of Marco Brambilla

Holly Willis

Opening the Magic Box: A Neurocinematic perspective on the form and content of stereoscopic film

Ann Owen

SCA 112 Session 4B - Animation in Place Moderator: Michael Renov

The Animation In The Spanish Documentary: 30 Years Of Darkness

Miguel Olid

Divine redesign: animated ‘child gods’ and the Indian imagination

Anitha Balachandran

SCA 110 Session 4C - Animation Infiltration of Other Artforms II Moderator: Mike Fink

From Celluloid to Databases

Juan Camilo Gonzalez

The Adventures of Tom Tomiczky in the Realm of Machinic Vision and Bodily Engagement

Steve Fore


SCA 108 Session 5A - Redefining Character Animation Moderator: Tom Sito

Inside and Outside the Toon Body

Donald Crafton

Rethinking the Metanarrative of Character Animation

Harvey Deneroff and Victoria Deneroff

Will There Be Blood?: Exploring Pain as Humor in 2D and 3D Animation

Geoffrey Beatty

SCA 112 Session 5B - Animation: Gothic and Fairy Tale Moderator: Ewan Kirkland

From Lydia Deetz to Ruby Gloom: Gothic Animated Bodies

Amy Ratelle

Silent Hill and Gothic Transnationality

Ewan Kirkland

SCA 110 Session 5C - Consciousness and Sound Moderator: Mike Patterson

Sound and Meaning in Animation; New Digital Worlds

Russell Murray

The Sonic Playpen: Sound Design and Technology in Pixar’s Animated Shorts

William Whittington

Cracking the frame: Oral Tradition

Charles daCosta

SCB 104 Session 5D - The Animated Brain Moderator: Marsha Kinder

Helix: An animator’s animated brain recalling practice-based experimentation

Sarra Hornby

Data Landscapes

Amanda Tasse

Principles of Animation and the Neuroscience of Motion Perception

Steve Weymouth


SCA 108 Session 6A - Performing Animation Moderator: Alla Gadassik

Acting Forwards and Backwards: Action Analysis and the Performance of Movement

Alla Gadassik

Dancing to the rhythm of the music: Norman McLaren and the Performing Body

Nichola Dobson

Performance Animation: Rose, Mateyek, and Hall

Lynn Tomlinson

SCA 112 Session 6B - Animating Architecture Moderator: Brian R. Jacobson

Animating Oil’s Aquatic Architecture: To Animate, To Regulate

Brian R. Jacobson

Building Consensus: Architectural visualization and the integration of industrial design in Indian animation community

Timothy Jones

Animation, Documentary and Architecture: Re-conceptualising space and time in American Homes

Bella Honess Roe

SCA 110 Session 6C - Animating the Intangible: the Animated Soul Moderator: Trixy Sweetvittles

Documenting the Soul: Jordan Belson’s Samadhi

Aimee Mollaghan

Animating the Body and Anima Essence: Yang Liping

Tze-yue G. Hu

Memories and Perceptions:Creating Emotional Resonance Using the Child’s Gaze

Maureen Monaghan


SCA 112 MT1 MONDAY 1:30-2:00pm Moderator: Jim Boyda

YouTube Search: “Gay Marriage Animation”

Elizabeth Yaros

The Animation Hall of Fame

Cheryl Cabrera

The Dissident's Kitchen 2.0

Timo Linsenmaier

Around the World in 3’s

Clifford Cohen

SCA 110 MT2 MONDAY 1:30-2:00pm Moderator: Richard Weinberg

Colorful Cartography and the Empire State Thermometer

Kirsten Thompson

Animation Hotline: Crowd-Sourced Micro Animations

Dustin Grella

Poetry in Motion

Lucy Childs

A Dance With Technology

Neslihan Erten

Direct Film Paradigms

Maureen Furniss

SCA 108 DT TUESDAY 1:30-2:30pm Moderator: Maureen Furniss

The Cine-Poetics of Fulldome Cinema

Clea T. Waite

Immersive Space as a Channel for Communication

Diana Reichenbach

SCA 112 MT3 WEDNESDAY 2:00-2:30pm Moderator: Michael Renov

Animation and the Art of Interface Design

Kristy Kang

Character Animation Redefined by Laban Movement Analysis

Adriana Jaroszewicz

Accuracy and Affect: Animation in Documentary Film

Virginia Kuhn

SCA 110 MT4 WEDNESDAY 2:00-2:30PM Moderator: Candace Reckinger

Projection Mapping as Defining a New Location for Animation

Laura Cechanowicz

DIY Viral Animation

Kahra Scott-James

Optical Illusions in Animation

Dallim Park

"The Animator": A Web-based Initiative

Tony Tarantini

An Animated Future for 3-D

Kara Lynn Andersen